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Pet Friendly Treatment & Testimonials

I have been around pets all my life and I know the importance of animal safety when applying pesticides in and around your residence. Many of my customers have animals who I see and get to interact with each month. They bark and meow and tell me how their lives have been since my last visit.

Having 2 cats myself, animal safety is an important factor
in the service I provide when treating your home.

A few "Pet Testimonials"

Name: Oscar
Weight: 19 LBS
Favorite Activities:  Sitting by pool, intimidating lizards, running around the pool. He says about Empire " The guy does a pretty good job of keeping the bugs out. And I never smell or see anything. I follow him around, roll over and he pets me all the time. I have a younger brother named Wilbur. He's scared of everyone. Not me. My motto is pet me, pet me, pet me!!!

Name: Wilbur
Weight: 18 LBS
Favorite Activities: Sleeping, eating, sleeping some more, an occasional burst of energy but then right back to sleep. He says about Empire "I'm a shy and nervous kind of cat. I have seen that Empire guy before at my house. I hide so he doesn't see me, but he seems kind of cool. Maybe one of these days I'll poke my head out and let him pet me!!

As you can tell, the pets love Empire Pest Management, and so will yours! If your pet would like to leave a testimonial, email it to me along with a picture and I will post it here on our website for all to see.

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