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Rodent Removal

EPM understands the need for immediate attention to rodent problems in your home or business. Will will eliminate your rodent problem and prevent further infestation.

We solve your rodent problems by:

  • Placing specialized traps in and around areas where rodents activity has seen.
  • Locate entry points for rodents and seal them.
  • Bait and monitor exterior for future rodent activity.
  • Remove trapped rodents from area.
  • Sanitize area where rodents were habitat, known traffic areas, and resting areas.

Rodent Area Sanitizing

Rodents are known to leave a mess where they have been living, not to mention throughout your home or business. EPM will sanitize all areas where we have removed rodents as well as known traffic areas. This will insure a clean smell which will further force future rodents to move on.


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